Criminal Injuries

Helping you to maximise your rightful compensation from the CICA.

Many people have their lives drastically affected or seriously disrupted as the victims of crimes of violence and abuse. Compensation for Criminal Injuries  has been available through a state scheme to the victims of violent crime since 1964 although it is estimated that less than 25% of the available awards are claimed.

Substantial sums up to £500,000 can be awarded in respect of the injuries suffered. These can be physical or psychological injuries or a combination of both.

Compensation can also be awarded to victims of sexual assault and abuse. Additional sums can be awarded in cases of loss of earnings, or where there are other expenses such as the cost of being looked after or a need for special equipment caused by the injuries.

LawFriend has much experience in Criminal Injuries Compensation Claims. We are highly trained to provide prompt advice in a sympathetic and comprehensive manner during a period when claimant’s may be at their most vulnerable.

We take care to spend time in explaining all aspects of the Criminal Injuries compensation recovery procedures in plain English. Using LawFriend to assist in the making of a claim ensures that you will obtain the maximum benefits of the CICA.

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