Accident/PI Claims

Accidents happen-but if you are not to blame, let us help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

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Have you been injured:

-In the car

-In the street

-At work

-A criminal injury

-Medical Negligence

-Dental Negligence

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-Car Accidents
-Not your fault
-Car off the road
-Can’t afford or don’t want to pay for a hire car


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Can I make a claim?

Can you answer yes to these questions?

  • Was someone else to blame?
  • Did the accident cause your injuries?
  • Was the injury cause within the last 3 years or before your 21st birthday?

Was someone else to blame?

Ask yourself, could my accident have been avoided? For example, was the other driver speeding or not looking out properly? Was the proper safety equipment provided at work or was the pavement unsafe?

Did the accident cause your injuries?

This is a matter best left to the medical expert to decide.

Was your injury caused within the last three years?

Although there are exceptions, the law states that a claim must be started in the court process within 3 years.

Guide to calculate a PI claim 

LawFriend can assist?

It is not correct that you must have a solicitor to maximise your claim. In fact, Adrian Berkeley has excelled in obtaining just and fair compensation for clients over longer than the last 25 years.

We have access to the country’s top solicitors and barristers. When these services are required, we will let you know and discuss the options with you.

By using LawFriend you will maximise your compensation. We receive payment as a % of what you receive. Straight forward, it is in our interests to get the most compensation possible to maximise our pay. Hence we are on YOUR side!

Our usual % donation is 20% with no VAT. If your injury has a larger % we will explain why in detail.

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