LawFriend was started by Adrian Berkeley in 2016 with one purpose: to fill the gap in Legal advice and assistance since the abolition of Legal Aid and the closing of many Community Law Centres and CABs. Thus the demise of free of charge or low-cost legal advice and assistance.

LawFriend is a Not For Profit Service and is a Community Interest Company providing Legal Assistance for the best possible value to the residents of North West of England. We are not a Solicitors firm and we are not regulated by the SRA, nor subject to the Legal Ombudsman.


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When you’re facing a problem and you feel out of your depth, it’s very easy to get scared and overwhelmed. At times like these, you need to reach out to LawFriend – because for us, no legal problem is too large or too small.

Since the abolition of free-of-charge and low-cost legal assistance, LawFriend has taken up the mantle of social justice to provide affordable legal advice in Manchester and the North West region. We provide accessible services and honest advice, so when you contact us you’re enlisting a passionate and caring lawyer to fight your corner. Whatever your concern, we can help with a wide range of problem areas, including family, civil, immigration and employment law. You won’t be speaking to a bunch of faceless lawyers – you’ll be speaking to a local expert who is always empathetic and sincere.

For a low cost and efficient service, you can reach out to us by phone (0161-371 0011) or you can contact us via this website and we will be in touch ASAP with the best legal advice Manchester has to offer. Whatever your worry, no matter your concern, approach us today and let us help. LawFriend is there for you.


Aug 3 / Posted by Adrian Berkeley

Must an employer respond to employees’ ...

The statutory discrimination questionnaire procedure, under s.138 of the Equality Act 2010, was repealed on 6 April 2014. Under the statutory procedure, if an employer failed to respond to a questionnaire within the prescribed time limit, or gave evasive or equivocal answers, an employment tribunal could draw an adverse inference that discrimination had taken place. […]

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Jul 10 / Posted by Adrian Berkeley

This is why I know there is a real need for ...

The Law Society has published a devastating critique of LASPO (Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012), which slashed civil and family legal aid. In a report published last week, ‘Access denied? LASPO four years on’, the Law Society concludes that the legislation, which came into force in April 2013, has denied access […]

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May 5 / Posted by Adrian Berkeley

House of Commons guide to Contact & ...

The House of Commons has published a simple guide on Children Act Orders dealing with Residence and Contact. Read it here Further advice and assistance from adrian@lawfriend.org 07970 291197

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May 3 / Posted by Adrian Berkeley

Notice of dismissal by post: when notice period ...

When an employer sends notice of dismissal to an employee by post, when does the notice period start to run? In the recent case of Newcastle upon Tyne NHS Foundation Trust v. Haywood, the Court of Appeal considered when notice given in this way may be deemed to have been received in the absence of […]

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May 2 / Posted by Adrian Berkeley

Long term ill-health dismissals: can you ignore ...

In O’Brien v Bolton St Catherine’s Academy the Court of Appeal has given useful guidance on the correct standards to be met in justifying a capability dismissal arising from an employee’s long-term absence through ill health. Background Mrs O’Brien was the head of IT at Bolton St Catherine’s Academy. On 25 March 2011, she was […]

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Apr 17 / Posted by Adrian Berkeley

Get off my driveway!

“Thanks for the free parking!” the driver responds. As the homeowner, what can you do-very little. LawFriend is often consulted by property owners in two specific groups regarding this. Firstly, where Homeowners lucky enough to have their own driveway may well have had to suffer this at some point. You come home from a long […]

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Apr 10 / Posted by Adrian Berkeley

Can I take my kids out of school for a cheaper ...

This one is close to many parents hearts-or wallets. Of course the Daily Mail and others have made a big deal of “parents rights” as against the “nanny state” enforcing children’s uninterrupted school education. After far too many Court Hearings, the Supreme Court has totally turned the tables against parents rights. At least one more […]

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Apr 7 / Posted by Adrian Berkeley

Parents and Judge uncover an unsupportable ...

At least it is a start. Things can only get better. Although this case KENT COUNTY COUNCIL v M & O mirrors one of my own in 2014, the outcome was very different as the parents managed to bring HIS HONOUR JUDGE SCARRATT’s  attention to the inaccuracies and unwarranted bias of the Social worker who was pushing […]

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This FB message from a 15-year-old girl who’s Mum was denied residence and contact was the nicest Birthday present this year. From a mother and children I helped re-unite after ex had misled to obtain Residence and had denied Contact with lies:

Happy birthday adrian thanck u for helping my mum get me back xx I dont know what I would do with out my mum if u handent of helpted her but you are also a very clouse famliy friend x

Hi hun we both carnt thank you enough you brought my daughter home safe to me where she belongs. Thank you so much for helping us.” and ” hi adrian thank you for helping me to bringing my daughter home to me. i wish you a very happy birthday and i hope you had a wounderfull day.thank you so much for being there every single step of the way of my case. you help to restore my faith in a very big way. you have helped guide me and my family in every step that we have taken. you are are amazing.

My Mckenzie Friend ‘Adrian Berkeley’ guided me through my divorce with full legal competence, professionalism, personal compassion and understanding.
At a time when you don’t know which way to turn Adrian brought logic into all situations and made me sit back, reflect and not react in an emotional way to any upsetting situations. Thanks to this I was able to make informed decisions and move forward through each step of the divorce process.  I’d heard horror stories about the divorce process – being a long-winded, costly, gruelling process but mine was relatively short (10 months) and I truly believe it wasn’t as stressful because of Adrian’s guidance.
Words cannot explain how grateful I am for the work he did.  We got a better result than I expected and now it all seems like a distant memory – definitely yesterdays chip paper…
I will be recommending him to friends and family should they need help with Family Law.
Divorced and Happy of Manchester 2018.

Adrian I found he was very understanding to  my problems.  I had the impression he

understood and known straight away how to give me the advice I needed

and what to do about my situation.

I found his advice very helpful indeed and it did resolve my problems.

I thank Mr Berkeley  he is a very intelligent man very polite to talk to and understanding.

I would recommend Mr A Berkeley full marks to any one with great speed.

And thank you so much for his time.

Adrian made the making of my will an enlightening easy and pleasant experience. At 74 I thought it would be daunting but thanks to Adrian it was nothing of the sort. Thank you.

I am very pleased to get very professional advice. I recommend to everyone to us the services of Adrian Berkeley

Adrian is a wonderful passionate, friendly person, who goes above and beyond his job. He is passionate about being there for you, and understanding your needs. His knowledge is undeniably spot on, and I wouldn’t have got as far without him. I would recommend his services to anyone, he was better than most solicitors!! I would use Adrian again in a heart beat. And I know others who recommended him, feel the same. THANKYOU for everything Adrian.


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